Experience in the test system construction industry from over 10 years.
We offer our clients the following solutions:
• Functional testers for PCBs
• Functional testers for fully assembled products
• Burning and climate tests
• Vacuum tests for checking tightness of enclosuresrs
• Optical object verification systems
If I haven't done something yet, it doesn't mean that I can't do it for you.
Mechanical design
As part of the offered test solutions I suggest:
• standalone test fixture
• universal rackmount systems
• universal systems with exchangeable test cassettes
• fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual solutions
• devices cooperating with robotic arms
Electrical design
Test systems that I propose are built mainly from some well-known brands easily available on the market
• System components that require construction from scratch, I provide complete documentation and software, which allows you to easily supervise their operation.
Microcontrollers management
Various debugging tools: St-link, AVR-Ice, J-LINK, Multilink
• Firmware files: *.hex, *.bin, *.s19
• Communication protocols: RS232, RS485, CAN, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Software design
I build the test systems based on commonly known programming systems and provide with the open source code, which will allow to introduce my own modifications in the future.
• Teststand
• Labview
• Mysql
• Command line tools
Each device has results logging in any format chosen by the customer.
For the most part, however, these are:
• Teststand formats: xml, html, ascii txt
• Csv files
• Databases
The devices that I provide to clients are safe for operators, which I confirm with a declaration of conformity and CE marking.
At the same time, I provide the necessary technical documentation
• Mechanical diagram
• Electrical connections
• Software description
• Service manual
• Operator instruction
Do you have any questions? Contact me. I will answer